The Private Investments Group of PSP Capital is a fundamentally unique private investment entity. With a perpetual and significant capital base, our mission is to build and grow market-leading businesses in close partnership with management teams, entrepreneurs and business owners. As business builders, we know that exceptional organizations are built through constant focus on maximizing long-term shareholder value. As a strategic partner, we provide flexible capital, a deep network of resources and a tradition of building world-class businesses. We have a strong belief that businesses should not be constrained by mandated investment exits, capital limitations and short-term focus often employed by private investment firms.

The principals of PSP Capital have over 90 years of combined experience investing in, owning and building global businesses. We have a profound appreciation for discretion, preserving strong cultures and aligning interests with our valued partners.


Core Values: Integrity, discretion and candor

Our Approach: Patient, flexible and solutions-oriented, with a profound appreciation for preserving strong cultures and aligning interests without valued partners to build shareholder value

Our Partners: Like-minded, dynamic management teams, entrepreneurs and business owners,

Our Process: Straightforward and efficient, with no outside approvals required


We Invest from Our Balance Sheet (Not a Fund)

  • Focus on maximizing shareholder value
  • No external constraints or mandated hold periods
  • Balance sheet with significant capacity and liquidity

Flexible Capital with a Solution Focus

  • Solutions-oriented approach to structuring transactions
  • Flexibility to price risk, and invest throughout the capital structure
  • Emphasis on aligning interests with our partners

History of Building Market-Leading Businesses

  • Our team has 90+ years of combined experience building and growing closely-held businesses
  • Continuous enhancement of our businesses through strategic oversight and tactical support

We Leverage an Extensive Network to Add Value

  • Portfolio companies benefit from unparalleled access to our global network of deep relationships and resources
  • Efficient pre-closing due diligence enhanced by experts from our network

Family Business Value with Institutional Capabilities and Sophistication

  • Keen focus on integrity and long-term relationships
  • Seasoned team with transaction, strategic and capital markets expertise
  • Streamlined internal processes provide certainty of closing investments, on time and on agreed-upon terms